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Amphibious Divers offers boat hull cleaning and many other services, such as boat bottom inspection, zinc replacement, and propeller change-out in Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Rockport and the entire Texas Coastal Bend area. Boat cleaning and inspection services can also be photographed for insurance purposes and simply, for your peace of mind.

Boat owners know the effects of a dirty hull. Instead of a smooth, clean boat hull slipping through the water, marine growth and barnacles create drag, reducing speed. Extra demand on engines to maintain speed means increased fuel use, an added cost regardless of vessel size. Fouling is the result of marine growth, a constant process which begins as soon as the boat enters water. Fouling occurs even on a newly painted clean hull treated with the best toxic paints. On bare aluminum and painted hulls, if left unchecked, growth continues until the anti-fouling coat or the aluminum metal is penetrated where finally the hull itself is damaged.

Properly cleaning your boats hull will increase fuel economy by promoting less drag. Monthly boat cleaning will also extend the time between haul-outs saving you money. Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Rockport & the Texas Coastal Bend can be rough territory on your boat bottom, the warmer Texas Gulf waters promote faster marine growth, so don't wait months between boat cleanings to fully enjoy your weekend or lifestyle. Call us now to enjoy your boat and save some money.

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